Financial Transactions

Financial authorities have new control instruments less and less remains secret the tax offices have more and more opportunities to pursue the German taxpayer money shops at home and abroad. The tax amnesty ended on the 31 March 2005, then brought significantly more transparency for the State controllers Kontenabruf, annual statement and EU savings directive. See more detailed opinions by reading what Ping Fu offers on the topic.. What insights the State now has: 1 which is tax transparent the Bank since January 1, 2009 automatically handles the tax affairs of their clients. Actually no more work should thus apply to investors. Because in particular the annual fill the equipment Cape, and off can do accounts for the income tax return for that because the tax obligations of the investment with the 25% levy. This could lead to believe that the IRS learns nothing more on interest, dividends or stock market transactions, so also not more critically can ask, where do the funds come and why it in a year of less Income has given. You should forget this tale of the unknown savers again, because of the withholding tax more new ways to check taxpayer for the tax authorities.

It starts with this, that you still must specify your investment income in many cases at the tax office. /a>. Is your individual tax rate, for example, the flat-rate 25%, you must list also continues to interest, dividends and capital gains for the tax office, to get paid too much tax refund. Income from foreign repositories you must specify anyway remain completely in the income tax return, as of 2009 even the realized gains are added regardless of holding periods. There, the one or other financial officials is sure once critically question whether also all speculation profits of previous years foreign portfolios have been declared. 2. the Kontenabruf exacerbated this search option has changed since January 1, 2009 and allows many proven and new research possibilities.