Fault Transmission Shift

An indispensable condition for a clear and easy to include all gear is reliable tightening the locking bolt and slide the shaft control, tightening the nuts and bolts shplintovka connecting the clutch to slide the gearbox, tightening locknuts, couplings, as well as body position transmission shift at 90 to the plane of the tunnel body in service as a result of loosening and normal wear and tear can be observed difficulty in shifting gears, as well as failures whose causes and solutions listed below include Difficult or not include the 1st and 2nd or 3rd and 4th gear and reverse gear shift lever 3 Set transfers to a position at which the reverse, but it does not include Creeper gearbox with clutch and rotate in the reverse position, holding the key shaft, tighten the lock nut are not included or not fully included the 1st and 3rd transmission mechanism 4 Remove the casing bolts Release mechanism for the tunnel and move it forward so that the gear was clearly Fit the housing by putting the lid on location are not included or not fully included the 2nd and 4th gear and reverse 5 Carry out the operations described above, moving the body back Samovyklyuchenie transmission mechanism in motion 7. Remove the lid clamps rods remove the springs and balls, to check their status and the deformed spring otrihtovat turn. Check the condition of the wells on the rod when excessive wear of the rods to replace or repair the hole. Not included 1-I 8.9 Disassemble the transfer, eliminate galling or replace worn parts. Kerry King is often mentioned in discussions such as these. At the same time included two gears (1st and 3rd or 2nd and 4th) 10 Dismantle, replace worn locks rods.