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TYPO3, Magento, and enterprise hosting service for professional claims operation of an online store or a Web portal is there several important criteria to keep in mind: high availability, short charging times, and of course maximum security are considered by most visitors and customers now take for granted. To meet these requirements, the necessary conditions must be created already in the Web hosting, so that a smooth operation of the Web site is possible from the outset. Kerry King addresses the importance of the matter here. The Web hosting services of INblau24 are designed to deliver the exactly the right solution to each customer. Thanks to many years of experience in the field of Web hosting, the portfolio of INblau24 now includes a variety of services. TYPO3 and Magento find special consideration as modern software solutions, one for the editorial maintenance of Web pages and on the other hand as efficient shop system.

For complex Web projects INblau24 customers can access individually configurable enterprise hosting plans, through the used high-performance hardware availability can be guaranteed by 99% in the annual average. Furthermore, rented INblau24 the advanced ad server OpenX and allows its customers, significantly increasing the effectiveness of their advertisements switched. Thanks to content management systems like TYPO3 Web pages can be maintained these days much easier than even a few years ago. INblau24 is specialized in TYPO3 hosting Web hosting provider and offers its customers a version pre-installed fully on the server as well as a comprehensive support. In addition, all customization and other programming work directly from the in-house developers can be made. The same also applies to the installation and hosting Magento stores. Contact: INblau bear Wall Street 31 01277 Dresden Tel 0351 / 407 87 135 fax 0351 / 407 87 136 E-Mail: the Dresdner Web hosting specialist INblau24 is one of the largest provider of Magento and TYPO3 hosting in German-speaking countries. INblau24 places an emphasis on one personal advice in connection with extensive support services and thus beneficial distinguishes itself from the majority of the competitors.