Ebm-papst With Increase In Sales

pursued its strategy of broad diversification in the last financial year. Six of the seven main sectors, in which, ebm-papst is active, recorded growth. Automotive/transport (+ 15.9%), refrigeration (+ 7.5%), household appliances (+ 7.3%) as well as air and climate technology (6.5%) developed particularly strongly. The major business fields heating technology (+ 3.9%) and machinery (+ 3.0%) grew by only 3.9% and 3.0% respectively. In the field of IT/telecommunications, however, the company posted a decline of – 2.9% due to a strong competition to Asian manufacturers, as well as strong market fluctuations in infrastructure extensions. Domestic business remains stable the share of sales in the domestic market remained Germany 28% constant with the previous year. Total ebm-papst here continued to 386 million (previous year 367 million / + 5.2%).

Revenue in Europe (excluding Germany) rose by 5% to 592 million (previous year 564 million) to. In Asia was due to the downturn in the market for clean-room technology (primarily in Singapore) a turnover of 220 million (previous year 223 million / – 1.3%) achieved. On the American continent, increased sales of 179 million to over 14% to the previous year (157 million). Technology leader nearly 10,600 employees at the end of the business year the fan specialist worldwide 10.564 employees. 233 leasing powers (previous year: 525) were included. Total staff to 554 staff has been reduced, primarily in the area of leasing powers (-292), as well as in the extended workbenches”in Eastern Europe.

The number of jobs increased slightly in Germany. Here ebm-papst employs 5.356 people, including 77 leasing powers (previous year: 5338 MA / 284 LK). ebm-papst locations in Germany with sales records of ebm-papst Mulfingen, the corporate headquarters, again achieved record sales with 729 million. The sales growth was 4.3% (previous year 699 million). The number of employees increased by 9 to 2,811 employees. A lightweight Sales scored ebm-papst St.