Damian Nocon

The NES own “Twitter – project” Cologne/Katowice 17.06.2009/14:00/nesfg completed the corporate portal of nes-europe.com feeds also his latest posts at the well-known Web 2.0 microblogging Portal: twitter.com. Web APIs programmed into the House NES submitted the heading on the social network in the form of a short message. The production of the short URLs winning always on importance of, takes place automatically. Thus will instead of a long URL: ‘nes-europe.com/..crm-ab-wann-lohnt-sich-der-einsatz… “that generates a bit.ly (possibly tinyurl)”bit.ly/19G2xy”.”Confirm the accuracy of the measures by us already – by the new service – results. The availability of the target audience has been greatly improved”said Damian Nocon, CEO of NES EC s.l..

The portal of NES EC s.l. has been redesigned at the beginning of the year. The current (Multilingual) contributions from many areas, encounter a good feedback from the customers and visitors of the portal. Other additional services are in beta phase. The pre out ichtlichen Release dates are not fixed now but yet. Frank v. Gollner