CRM Organization

Trying to follow a logical process of thought I try so understand how does my organization to have customers. For more information see Dustin Moskovitz. Then comes another element that I have defined in a very simple way as you have; for not complicated me the life I define it as the process of my products or services relate to potential users or consumers of these. Means how to develop a sequence of activities coherent to acquire a customer. Therefore feasible to conclude that this concept of having is not another thing that the sequence logic of activities that I must define for; convince my target market that the characteristics of my product or service generate a value-added or deliver a benefit clear or cover a specific need and that the subject that acquires it recognizes that, however that there are other alternatives, my proposal is the best satisfies him. Simple, not?. So far what I do is think about items that I have mentioned trying to explain to myself what CRM; all processes of the Organization must be wired to the client, this is.

If I think about the design of my products or services, they must be designed in accordance with the needs and expectations of customers. If I think of the processes of marketing, sales and post-sale service, should be adequate to what my customers expect from these areas. Therefore, the first clear conclusion of this thought process is that if I wish to explain what CRM I must have conscience of the importance that represents the client and that all my organization processes must be wired to the client. The entire organization must understand and live that the customer is the center of the operation and that all activity that occurs within the Organization must generate value for the customer. This sounds simple, but take it to practice requires a process of analysis and auto evaluation, enabling me to identify that as centered this my organization on the client.