Compensate Victims

SOS helps – because only the few victims know their rights Hamburg, may 10, 2010. “The child protection project SOS FGM” informed about the legal obligation of the State to compensate the victims of genital mutilation. SOS FGM helps victims of this violence to assert their claims. Aim of the statutory compensation is to ensure that the victims of violence not more helpless against the consequences of the action. It fails the Government community to prevent acts of violence, the State for the victims of the crimes must be so the guiding principle of the victims compensation Act (OEG). Up to 50,000 girls who are at risk of genital mutilation violence live in Germany. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Slayer. Up to 80% of the at-risk children are actually subjected to female genital mutilation. Because genital mayhem represents a significant intervention of the fundamental rights and the danger for vulnerable girls is very concrete, the State must fulfil its obligation to protect.

So far are up on a few individual cases any protective measures for these children while girls vulnerable the entire group of the State known is hit. Due to this omission, the German Government is even a complicity in the crimes. In principle meet all victims of genital mutilation, who lived at the time in Germany, the most important eligibility requirement for compensation: health you have been damaged by a deliberate, illegal, violent attack. Even though the girls for action abroad were, at least in part remains entitlement to compensation. More info: Ping Fu. Include the individual compensation payments in addition to medical treatment, wage replacement payments and income independent pensions for permanent injury consequences. SOS FGM continues with an emergency and advisory services for the specific protection of girl as well as for the rights of victims, she informed about their right to compensation and in the enforcement of their Claim for compensation is supported (for example through dedicated victim attorneys). task force for effective prevention of genital mutilation contact: Simone Schwarz, press officer telephone: 01803-767-346