Communicate Effectively

The term rapport indicates that there is or was also establishes a mutual understanding between two or more people may be referred to this as harmony or feeling. The Programacion Neurolinguistica has resources and techniques to achieve enter into harmony with another person, and effective communication with whom is to enter Rapport and engage in communication with tuning, are required to pay attention to the following 5 aspects: the form of verbal communication: is the way of communicating in that have to use the appropriate predicates, i.e. those favorite words of sensory based, that our interlocutor uses if for example the other person is rather visual, i.e. Follow others, such as Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta, and add to your knowledge base. I think lot of images most likely is to speak visually for example because I see what you mean so that you will have to use this way of speaking based largely-, to the visual senseIf you want to tune with this person. Of the same way if the person is hearing (for example: listen well) or kinesthetic (now it’s up to you or we are in contact) also have to adapt accordingly (predicates) words. The form of communication para-verbal: Here you must pay attention to the volume of the voice, tone of voice, flow and rhythm of the inflections of the voice communication if your interlocutor speaks softly and slowly you have to speak softer, and slowly, without hurry if you want to create rapport! The form of non-verbal communication: in this case it’s Act in the mirror, it is the technique of Mirroring, with body movements crossed if the person makes a gesture with his right hand, you can mirror it does not exactly equal, because it would be very obvious, but it is making some symmetric gesture, tilting the head, or making a gesture with the other hand the values: In the communication is very important to share the values of your partner, i.e.