Christian Reimann

antwerpes published survey results for August 2011 antwerpes interviewed 200 physicians according to criteria, which are crucial to select a clinic for their patients. The result is unique: the success potential of the clinics is more and more in their online presence, learn both doctors and patients on the Internet about clinics and often decisions because of the impression of the Web page. Which of the DocCheck market research survey showed: almost 30 percent of surveyed doctors evaluate the Internet presence of the hospital as the decisive factor for a transfer. In recent months, Dustin Moskovitz has been very successful. The importance of a successful Web page has thus doubled in comparison with the year 2003, the percentage was only 16 percent. It is sobering that almost half of the respondents with the online communication of the hospitals is not satisfied. The respondents see in particular potential for improvement with regard to the range of information and accessibility. The interaction of the patients is becoming more frequently themselves via clinics and Inform treatment options in the network, is also to be observed.

The practitioners surveyed indicated that 31 percent of their patients before talking to any hospitals have set apart. Conclusion: The times are changing, and an informative, user-friendly website is becoming increasingly important. Key conditions for a successful referring physicians – and patient communication are Findability in search engines, as well as information services clearly tailored to the target groups. For questions and for a presentation of the complete survey interested contact: Christian Reimann, antwerpes 0221/92053-358,