Autumn In The Enchanted Forest

Photo Portal sleeping with new classic car gallery rust-brown leaves and similar bodies: This eye candy photo Portal sleeping with its new classic car Gallery provides Kaufdorf saves! “.” The new images show Autumn impressions of the legendary car cemetery in Kaufdorf in Bern (Switzerland), which is under threat due to environmental concerns of the eviction. Franz Messerli, owner of the car cemetery, don’t give up the fight to the scrapheap and we want to help him spiritually,”says Frank R. Schulz. Therefore we took the suggestion and the photographs of one of our users for the occasion, to show the flag,”as Schulz next. The time of the eviction envisaged for the spring of 2009 was while provisionally suspended due to the commitment of Association, but it is completely unclear what happens next with the automotive cultural monument in the Swiss Gubertal. The special appeal of the car cemetery pristine for decades is just the fact that he the transience of natural prey was given,”explains how the makers of sleeping This monument is just not elaborately dressed up and polished to a high gloss – a rarity in accelerated and purpose-oriented times,”takes the classic car lovers Schulz.

With and the claimer “rust in its most beautiful form.” its own room in the Internet Schulz is dedicated to the art of “Scrap”. The aesthetics of long forgotten and weathered bodies has always fascinated people. Among other things the not stirring up success of retro design shows in the automotive industry,”explains the industry insiders with the penchant for rust. We want to inspire collectors, art and culture lovers, automakers and designers alike and move to join”, says 40-year old author, who wants to expand the portal with the support of the user and extend it to the category of industrial culture. The – team expert and mechanical engineer John Daute include Frank R. Schulz of the art historian and journalist Rainer Bleicher, as well as the classic car. More Information: