Automotive Xenon

Previously used to illuminate the road lights with propane lights, then they were replaced vacuum and halogen lamps. To date, all the great demand for car headlights with xenon lamps, which ensures the safety of travel on night roads. These lamps consist of a gas discharge bulbs, which contain a mixture of gases and chlorides of some metals, on which the color of the glow of headlights. Just xenon has high luminous efficiency, independence, luminous flux, long service life, resistance to vibration while driving, due to the absence of the filament, and the light emission of gas produced, economically, security, lower temperature heating. Xenon lamps consume only 35 watts.

Using xenon headlamps enhance the comfort and safety of movement on your transport at night. Xenon Lights lamps closer to sunlight, thus providing good coverage of the road in rain, fog, snow a good view of the road provides the safety of the driver and his passengers, especially in bad weather. Xenon headlights in two and a half times greater brightness, and the illuminated area becomes wider, which improves the visibility of the road. Xenon lamp emits a luminous flux of 3000 lumens, when the halogen lamp produces 55 watts of 1550 lumens, and automotive lamp power of 45 watts – a total of 600 lumens. Just xenon light enables the driver to see objects that are on the sidelines and on the road at a considerable distance. Just xenon rays do not light rain mist and snow, and pass through them, which improves visibility of the road. But, unfortunately, xenon headlights need for expensive power supply, headlight washers and automatic corrector angle of the headlights.

Properly adjusted in the near-xenon headlights light absolutely do not interfere with oncoming traffic, but when they are very distant light dazzle oncoming cars, so you need to advance switch lights to position beam. There are not only xenon lamps, but bioksenonovye and varoiksenonovye that allow you to set the position of the cis and the world in four positions. Xenon headlights quite expensive to install them can not afford one, especially since the floodlit city streets its benefits are not visible, the more such lights will be useful to those who often travels the countryside, or performs long-distance travel. Preferring xenon lamps need to decide exactly what you want: Xenon, bioksenonovye or varoiksenonovye. And the installation of such equipment on your car is better to entrust professionals, then you get a guarantee that your new coverage will not let you in at night under any weather conditions and your night will become a fascinating journey comfortable journey. Color corrector should be selected in accordance with the functions performed, for example: for the fog lights fit 3500K yellow, but it can not be used as the primary lighting for foreign cars initially put the lamp 4300K, white and yellow; optimal lighting has