About The Dreams

Carlos Dwells Vanegas We walk quiet enters disputes and assertions, but we did not reject to which dispute nor those that they assert. We hear the voices and the roar, arrives the discords to us, the jealousy, recriminations of all sides, approaches urgent to surround to us, my comrade, and despite, the whole Earth we cross, loose, free Walt Whilman While we journeyed in this plane of physical dimension, with a indicated specific form in our body, we cannot separate of the onrico thing, quite the opposite it urges to know more on the dreams, during this short life and to consider and to consider the restlessness of Calderon de la Barca: That the life is a frenzy, an illusion, the good major is small, that the life is a dream and the dreams, dreams are Incola Martina comments to us, who when we slept our onrica life carries out work of value for our mental balance: Integra the unconscious thing to brings back to consciousness, the dark parts and repressed to the totality of our personality and it helps us to know us better depuntando the nucleus of our being. By the way the questions fit: What know you on the dreams? Has interested him their meaning? They draw attention to him? , among others The certain thing, that in this brief article basic information that will be exposed must know and that it can help him to increase the perception and cognition exceeds they. For assistance, try visiting Ping Fu. For the remembered and great psychologist Carl Gustav Jung, when interpreting it considered it the dreams like expression of the wisdom of the inconciente. For him, psique human represented a very ample phenomenon and complex of it brings back to consciousness and the inconciente, raised as Martina relates us (1997), the idea of a universal symbolic language, as which the dreams use so much as Literature, the myths, the legend and the stories of you foretell. .