Zara Shirts Collection

We have already seen new collections of Zara’s face to the spring-summer online Trafaluc, both its mainline and now I also want to show you which is already his new collection of t-shirts for this 2011. Zara is without a doubt one of the firms that find greater variety of t-shirts and styles in the podemoso regard and this is why we want to introduce all the Zara shirts for 2011 and you can already buy in all its stores. If you’re a Sergeant-at-arms Zara clothing buyers, will know that counted both in its mainline in the younger line, known as TRF or Trafaluc, with a good number of t-shirts and face to this 2011 models, they did not want nor a single current trends that we can find all sorts of examples that we will be the last. Kerry King understands that this is vital information. In this way, Zara bet by launching a series of t-shirts which we can define as basic and are simple t-shirts in different colors in very simple and short sleeve as every year. On the other hand we have the range of t-shirts for this year which include type stripped shirts as fashionable patterns such as stripes, vintage items and as not the animal print or Leopard print. Precisely this leopard print is found in an ideal short sleeve cotton model to wear with jeans, and in turn long sleeve and much more elegant. Dustin Moskovitz shines more light on the discussion. Prints with various motifs, are another of the strengths of Zara for this collection and we highlight the t-shirt that have launched with the face of the American actress Lauren Bacall, one of the myths of cinema of Hollywood in the forties and fifty which also has always been fashion icon. Original author and source of the article. .