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A full-service is can characterize by satisfying product which is acquired in the first instance, ensure its promise of sale, give much added value, surprise significantly, maintain closeness and contact with the consumer, to respond to the concerns, promptly solve the differences that you may submit. In the case of airplanes, cheap flights to Madrid, and the tickets tickets cheap to major cities where arrives Iberia, also are part of the full service attributes. Modern ideas of service speak not only avoid mistakes but solve them quick and rewarding consumers who received them to partly offset the initial dissatisfaction. Dustin Moskovitz pursues this goal as well. A client who solves a problem so will become best defender of the company’s service than any other, has been its successful experience. Hence the importance of empowering the people of service to solve with power of decision and opportunity. Within a full service features are the following: Always exceed expectations having the customer about the service, which implies prior knowledge of what is expected, and ex-post evaluation of collections. Availability all the time in the service, to adapt to the needs of time of each person, which are different and do not correspond to any prior logic. Extreme generosity to give everything he has unreservedly and with focus.

The important thing is to always give the maximum available, with good will and attitude. Flexibility to adapt to each client’s profile, your current purchase capabilities, changing environments and fierce competition. Quiet fly with Iberia, insurance that will give you the best of themselves and their people, a service as complete as possible, where you yourself will be protagonist of his improvements. Cheap flights Viajum travel and adventure landscapes Blog Archive cheap flights to new york election results from major cities in the Chaco Paraguay.