Working With Your Family

Before the crisis should be given preferences to "As" instead of asking "why me." This last question will only serve to manufacture excuses, justifications or simply fall into a poor piece of paper from helpless victim believe me you do not help at all to resolve at this time what you may be suffering. At this point takes pencil and paper, write all the questions you can think of and use "like", "that", "when" to develop them in any way but because, unless within that, because your faith move to open the floodgates to solutions and alternatives, if not forget it, exercise your ability to empower powerful questions and invite you to think in terms of possible solutions and alternatives. It is very important that you are aware that your mood is critical to achieving stay connected and vibrating in the emotions that concern us, those we power, such as trust, love, peace, joy, internal security, ecstasy, faith, these states are to enhance your personal power. Therefore we must make a conscious effort to locate DAILY in those states that energize us, this is not fantasy, this is a reality, and if we wish to raise the company's most important on this planet are YOU AND YOUR FAMILY believe me you will need massive amounts of energy and vitality and this is not achieved by chance, this is done with intelligence, perseverance and conscious effort. Given the crisis we have to take stock of all available tools to keep our mood elevated, and leave as soon as possible disabling states. .