Working In Norway

Information for those who are going to get a job in Norway. You might also think about how to move to Norway and settled there. Perhaps you have a family that wants to be with you, and children who must walk in school. Maybe, for a start you go to one, and the rest of the family arrives later. If you get a work permit and residence in Norway, you should know something about how the Norwegian society.

Here you find simple answers to many questions, such as working in Norway, work permit, residence permit, entry visa, Norwegian citizenship, family reunification in Norway, relocation, seasonal work, training, purchase and rental of housing, family (children and elderly), a school for social and health care, taxation, law and justice, employment services and others. Not any alien may move to Norway and get a job. It is based on a rule by which a residence permit or work permit is not given when it is not a residence with a specific purpose. In particular, we can talk about family reunification or cultural exchange. The purpose may also be the cover needs of working life of Norway, which is impossible to meet their own labor (hard work, the work requires special knowledge, etc.).

All Foreigners who intend to stay in Norway for more than three months without work, must have a residence permit. All foreign nationals who wish to get a job, or want to conduct their activities in Norway must have a work permit. Normally a work permit or residence permit issued for one year only. Most of these permits allows for renewal. Citizens of Nordic countries (Denmark, Iceland, Finland, Sweden, Norway) and the staff of foreign trains, planes, buses and trucks for international flights are excluded from these basic rules. There are other exceptions to the rule. Norwegian diplomatic missions (embassies and consulates) and the Directorate of foreigners have full information about these exceptions.