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In education in the distance a differential exists enters the relations of the professors and of the pupils, where the professors teach and the pupils learn front the conventional situations that are considered nothing, where education occur in not shared space and time. For Axe (apud ABC EDUCATIO, 2006, P. 38) our commitment, in the scope of the education, not it is to pursue methods and, yes, to acquire knowledge our pupils by whom the isolated knowledge does not have to be taken as only guarantee, in the world of the work, of prosperity or success in the life. What he is fruitful is significant learning: to learn to learn. In you or classroom, it has an opened, dialgica relation, fraterna, true or it does not arrive the place some. Check out Asana for additional information. The interactive technology is evidenced in the long-distance education what it would have to be basic principle of any educative process – the interaction and the interlocution enter all the involved ones in this process.

In the measure where they advance the technologies of virtual communication (Internet, telecommunications, videoconferncia, nets of high speed) the concept of actual lessons also got excited, therefore we can have a professor ‘ ‘ entrando’ ‘ with its image and voice for the pupils in a distant room. It will have, in such a way, a bigger interchange to know, making possible that each involved individual in the system, collaborates with its specific knowledge, in the process of construction of the knowledge, many long-distance times. We can understand, according to Preti (2002, p. 26), long-distance education as one process of auto-learning centered in the citizen aprendente, with capacity of to be autonomous worker, of to manage its formation.