Vice Presidents

USA may claim be a large and inclusive democracy but has never had a representative of African, Latin American or native origin. All its Presidents or Vice Presidents have been white males. The thing can now change. For the first time the two contenders for the White House are not born in North America. John McCain came into the world between South and Central America (Panama canal), and Barack Obama in Oceania (Hawaii). Learn more at: Asana. Although the first is Latin American by wedge’s not Hispanic or speaker luso. Obama may be the first Islander to lead one of the two major U.S.

Parties but does not speak any insular native language. Obama could be the first person of African father who govern with any power or any of the republics of continental America. However, he has not been a black militant and has always sought to be part of the blancoide establishment. McCain is the 72nd first who wants to debut at the Presidency and his rival is one of the younger aspirants that has had that post. While the first is military hero and prisoner of war during more than five years, the second is a lawyer without combat experience. The main aspect of the foreign policy of the USA (Iraq) McCain poses to send more troops and up to be able to stay in this country until a century, while Obama is one of the few Congressmen who always opposed the invasion there. On social issues, McCain tends to be more conservative and more liberal Obama. The economic crisis the first will want to continue to continue lowering taxes while the second will want to lift them and encourage social spending. If the Republicans want a more private educational and health system, the Democrats are pressured to give a universal free medical service.