Our political opposition has reached the end of imagining that the world lives is virtual, torn as it is so many crises and changes, in general pointing to situations nothing tuned with their peculiar way right-wing approach to life. We have a decade knowing it, supporting it and regretting it, and never to discuss it will cease to be an occasion to experience an extraordinary sense of ethical devastation and folly, enshrined in alien penalty, say less. Do as if avatar? adverse to their interests? events authorize him to give full letter to the nonsense, a systematic blindness of the senses and an obstinate denial of his mental faculties, bent on recreating the old plateaus where was grazing the old dinosaur of its stock. And I say virtual because fashionable is the term, in this our computer science and cinephile hatching, when the possibility of escape or of choosing our own version of the world is at hand. Go crazy! As in the movie Matrix or any tale of science fiction, where man stumbles upon a humanity plagued by machines and it is fed up amazing to take refuge in the regrets of the past. Live a life of fantasy and old tales seems to be an irresistible option; the present does not count. In Venezuela has not come to the end of having opponents in such a State of mental despair, creatures of fiction required of inductors realities cables and pipes; but on smaller scale already make their trials. For example, the fact of buying and believing in certain newspapers, or view only certain TV channels, or buy certain brands of products (Nothing related with the national production), clinically attend only at certain health centers, where the hand of the State do not look as provider, among other many examples; they represent situations that provide extreme Venezuelan opposition a version of reality to his measure, that I got from the present and its illusion of living make more patent in the yesterday.