Even if a Fund of ‘Tools’ such as good dictionaries, glossaries and literature available to the translator, but the activity of translation is more than a craft. “Even if the translator a wealth of tools” as good dictionaries, glossaries and literature available to stand, but the activity of translation is more than a craft. The renowned translation professional understands quick service translations translate rather than science, and in this respect also the activity of translating is a scientific. While translation studies has long been struggling for their independent scientific rank, the translation Office proves this challenging premise in his daily work for more than thirty years. The intellectual requirements of specialist translators and translators are immensely high”, according to a spokesman of the foreign service provider.

Often, our customers expect in addition to “the linguistic and professional correctness of translation a functional orientation of the translated text, so a functional translation”, the spokesman continues. Again and again the desire is expressed, a manual should be transferred in simple and understandable English, Polish or Spanish, so that the workers on the machine or on the industrial robot can understand the instructions and implement.” The translator must almost in the role of”put a training manager or foreman to an adequate translation German English, French Italian or German Russian to customize. Our project managers”, according to the company spokesman, our translators point out repeatedly on the fact, that naturally perfect voice and deep expertise are the prerequisite for a high-quality translation. However, the translator is also always actor”and therefore must be in the position of the author of the text “think inside and work into it, just as an actor only then perfect can play a role, if he goes on in the person to embody.” In translational activities is demands again and again the translators and translators, to capture the intention of the author and adequately to give these to achieve the same effect as the original text with the translation in the target language. In this case speaks of equivalence”translation studies. “” The concepts of translation equivalence “as effect equivalence” or Bedeutungsgleichheit”may sound more academic at first glance”, runs the company spokesman. And yet they have very practical importance in the daily craft of translating.

The business letter may apply as a good example here, where it is important that the translator achieves the same effect as in the original language with his formulations. So it may be in formal writing for offers fatal be if the translator chooses a formulation in his choice of words, which may put back correctly returns the contents of the source text, sounds in the target language but may be ironic or plump.” The business letter seems a good example of various aspects of translation science to be, because often this write to countries are determined that come from not only a different language and a different culture. “These cultural differences can represent a major obstacle in business life and to at the same time by a good translator umschifft” If this sets on the high bar of the cultural elements of his translation work. Daryl Katz addresses the importance of the matter here. With professional fast service translations special emphasis on this symbiosis of expertise and a translation scientific approach”, the speaker shall conclude. Starting with the translation supposedly easier”business letters up to the translation of pleadings, manuals, judgments and medical findings.”