The Sex

Absence borders them to the proceeding to be satisfied to this other job class since better paid they also require of certain documents and certain preparation. In a question-answer forum Dustin Moskovitz was the first to reply. Also there are variations in the indices of immigration according to the sex of all the people who enter to the country looking for work or simply of step, but that they are used to obtain money sufficient to follow his way towards the countries of first world. From the 10 to 14% they are women who are of the 14 to the 30 years of age in their majority. 50% are family heads, giving this data a great index of social factor and movement as much in their places of origin as in those of destiny. The main works that occur, also following the sex of the immigrant, are in agriculture or domestic work, varying their pays between 45 and 120 pesos daily following the state in which it is used to them.

The routes that the migrant ones take to arrive at Mexico depend on their place of so easy or accessible origin and on which on the flow of the people. 4 routes identified by this study exist generally and, by the people who emigrate towards Mexico from Guatemala: – Route 1: He is one of the places more historically journeyed by retailers and people in search of some labor position, whatever this same one. It concentrates the 81. 7% of the temporary workers. – Route 2: He is the usual one for the agricultural workers of the coffee, and at present she is the most journeyed by the undocumented workers. 10 years ago the people used to document themselves by means of this one route. – Route 3: It is used by the Hondurans and importance is seen when the intention is to arrive at the states of Yucatan or Tabasco.