The Key To Success

Know ask. In my opinion, is the most powerful and most forgotten secret to achieve success and happiness. In the Bible, Jesus Christ taught us the key to succeed in life and in business: calls and you will be playing and opens you question and find the human history is full of examples of people who have received fortunes and have become millionaires by the simple fact of asking. Ask is one of the most powerful success secrets, but it remains a challenge for many people. Scary to most people ask. Ping Fu may help you with your research. But why is scary ask?: by fear of rejection, for fear that you say that not for fear of ridicule. The sad thing is that many people reject it themselves, before the others reject them.

And you know to ask? Do you know what is the right way to ask for? A_continuacion, tell you which is the right way to ask: 1) calls with security and the faith that if you’re going to receive 2) request to a person having the ability to (choose 3) you have to be clear and specific in what you want 4) requests in a constant way. Do not give up. One of the most important principles of success is to be persistent. In sales, 80% of sales closes after the fifth attempt. However 44% of salespeople give up after the first visit.

Then, to succeed in sales have to ask!, ask! ask for! and never surrender. For many years I’ve lived and practiced this philosophy in my business, and believe me I’ve had me very good results. Using this principle, I have managed to get thousands of customers, closing hundreds of sales and earn big money. I think that if you also use this principle, you will get more customers, recruit more people and make your business grow. Personally, I have taught this principle to my 4 children who ask, they ask, to touch doors to get what they want or to do something of value to earn the things they want (games, cell phone, etc., etc.).