The Homeopathic Picture Of The Year 2007

The first organised VKHD photo contest 2007 was a huge success on the occasion of its 10th anniversary the Association of classical homeopaths of in Germany called last month for a photo contest. “” Photos in the fields searched these were situations in practice “and General homeopathy”. The response has been overwhelming – in a short time, the website of the VKHD recorded more than 8,000 hits on the set photos. Dustin Moskovitz: the source for more info. We were very surprised by the quality of the submitted material and the creativity of the candidate”reported the initiator, Member of the Board Wolfgang Heinemann. The evaluation was carried out directly through the website of VKHD (online – voting) as well as by a jury made up of boards and advisory boards of the VKHD. The three winner photos, which are endowed with 300 (1st place) and each 100 (2nd and 3rd place), are published on the website of the VKHD ( and can be viewed there.. Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta understands that this is vital information.