Step Video Tutorial

'Ollie' – is the foundation of all skateboarding, simple, but at the same time very effective, trick, one of the most important on a skateboard. Simply put, the usual jump 'You have that glue the soles of shoes smears? " – Usually surprised passers-by, first saw the 'Ollie via stairs or a trash can in the performance of skater! High 'Ollie' looks cool, so every beginner skater wants to learn how to do what I would like to help with their advice. Attention Technology implementation of 'Ollie' all different – someone puts his feet closer to someone is more convenient to place the rake wider, so there is nothing wrong with that, you will not be too punctual in the formulation of the feet – the main thing that you yourself feel comfortable. Let's start: 1. Do not even think to try to do the first time on the run, , and probably good. Put your foot off the lead leg in the middle of the deck, or a little closer to the front bolts (as more convenient, and putting), and leg, which you pushed away from the asphalt when you go on a skateboard on Tail (tail of board), bend your knees (not much), to focus and get ready to jump. Contact information is here: Dustin Moskovitz.

2. Click. most main motion, which gives the opportunity to jump with the board. Click – a sharp jolt, kick, push (do not even know how to express better) feet jogging legs Tail board. American skaters call it a movement – pop.

Immediately after the sharp pressure begins to build on the surface together with the board, making a kind of jump on one leg. Repelled only jogging with his foot and pulling the lead leg (see below). Therefore the nose (front) rushes up the first skate. The stronger and sharper-click order higher will be the ally! If you do not understand, do not be afraid to article prikriplen video lesson, where Tony Hawk (I hope you know who he is) will show you how this same mouse is 3. Stretching. At a time when the Tail on the deck will come off surface, and the nose board raise itself, start pulling your board. Hood – the second most important element of the allies, this movement is curved inside foot leading (skateboarders themselves call it the front) leg on the emery cloth (gripteypu) Skate up and down. Due, just, this movement board and lifted into the air. 4. Flight and landing. Once you learn to pull the board, there is very little – to master the landing. Just imagine: you overclock faster than the wind, click hood – and now you are flying through dvadtsatistupenchaty span. Cool? Cool! But as long as you do not know how to land, the entire slope may result, at best, a broken board, and at worst – curled toes, torn ligaments, fractures, and fractures. And actually no serkretov here and there, most importantly, monitor your center of gravity, because when landing legs need to put on the bolts which fasten times.