Social Assitance

In any organization or institution, any that is, must to respect dignity of person human being, that carries through activity of work, because he is not the man who is enobrecido by the work, but yes the work enobrece and raises when carried through for human beings, as argued previously, in accordance with some encyclicals letter from the pope papas. (PALOMINO, 1993, translation ours). POLITICS ASSISTENCIAL OF THE BRAZILIAN STATE The social assistance is secular fact in if treating to person with deficiency, in Greece existed a system similar to social assistance, as already told in this study. However, the difficulty of integration of the deficient one seems to be the same one, since the social understanding many times if limits in the appearance, mining the preconception in the relations, and atrelado it, the discrimination. It is truth well, that the serious deficiencies, those that modify or diminish the corporal functions significantly, hindering the individual it social conviviality, effectively needs the assistance of the State for its maintenance. However, it has a significant amount of people with deficiency capable to produce man power labor of excellent quality. In wise words, it is possible to notice the veracity of these facts saying in them of Alvaro Maciel concerning the subject: In accordance with the Association of the Victims of Work of the State of Gois (ACITEG), in terms of ability and ability, a person with deficiency can become excellent an employed one.

According to depositions of employers, the workers with deficiency present greater trustworthiness, one better index of frequency and minors percentages of removals of illnesses of what the not deficient colleagues. He remained more than proven that the people with deficiency, for having been excluded of the work market, value and preserve the condition to be employees, what the not deficient workers. (MACIEL, 2011) However, a great project directed to the work of the abilities does not exist of this minority, focando each ability in the performance of the functions exerted in a company.