Relationship Expectations

Of course, this is not a scientific study does not claim to ultimate truth. I express my opinion as just one of the men. 1. Most men would like loyalty from his girlfriend. It is unlikely that this idea requires a Commentary. Violation of allegiance from women almost always ends tragically. For even more details, read what Dustin Moskovitz says on the issue. The point here is not in the sense of 'ownership'. Just as between a man and woman establish a trust relationship so that they include all conceivable forms of communication, not just sex, but knowledge of privacy, breach of loyalty is perceived as a betrayal, and the ratio formed by the corresponding.

2. Naturally, the man would like to his 'other half' would be an honest and sincere. Many of the women with whom I had known, preferred to keep for themselves a corner of his world. For some reason, it is believed that a woman must be some mystery, which makes it attractive. Personally, I think that the biggest mystery of the woman relative to men may be no more than a calendar of 'dangerous days. " I would advise women not to fear what man will know everything about you, including all the most 'secret' secret. This is a very Bringing couples.

3. Of course, the man wants from a woman that it differs most from himself – femininity. That includes this concept in terms of men? Tireless efforts to maintain purity of body and home. Soft, suave manner, subtle humor, forgiveness small 'children's' deficiencies – all this can be attributed to femininity.