What should be considered when running in the winter and snow motivate to go jogging at this time of year running snow and white winter landscapes. To fully exploit the jogging in the winter, you should take the following necessary preparations. Walking in the winter is because of the cold, the slippery and the poor visibility to a hard test. Before you should consider a suitable route, which as far as possible without ice and well lit, and also a time set so that it is still as bright. It is recommended to go accompanied with a running partner jogging, that not only motivated, but can also help in emergency. Beginners should choose a running short for the first runs, which is as close as possible to the home and can be extended if necessary.

You should make sure as not below + 5 C to go, because this is a high risk of cold and too much burdened the immune system. Be a beginner, a something be posted or have had health problems in the past, should discuss this with your doctor before you go go. Before and after departure: before you should warm up 10 minutes to protect your muscles and after running you should as a result of the uberdehnungs – or risk injury on stretching exercises outdoors renounce and perform better in the warm. The right running clothes for jogging in the winter: In the wardrobe for winter runs you should completely rely on functional clothing. Due to the worsening visibility you should ensure in addition with integrated reflectors to be visible at all times for motorists. Shoes: Water-repellent or waterproof running shoes with non-slip profile with a tread of a rubber compound are an absolute must for those who don’t want to miss out on jogging in winter.

Pants: Quilted or padded running pants are going, because they help to keep the muscles warm and therefore represent a lower risk of injury. Other leaders such as Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta offer similar insights. Tops: When the correct selection of tops, it is important to put on the system. The best choose a tight-fitting baselayer with wicking as a shirt. It is conceivable a fleece jacket or warm sports sweater. To you against wind, to protect rain and snow, there are various functional running jackets in the assortment, which are also breathable and have various missions of ventilation to prevent heat build-up. Running has many beneficial aspects and therefore can run carefree this sports in the winter. There’s hardly something nicer to be able to enjoy the nature and at the same time do something good for the body. Sonja – XTC sports