Presidential Palace

Democracy begins to afiebrar in Latin America. In Bolivia, where political events occur with greater speed and serve as a reference for what can happen with other countries, the disease is more serious and became visible since the three Presidents could not conclude its mandate due to the violent acts of destabilization, organized by Evo Morales with money from Chavez. Now that the Commander of the riot is President, his death nears. Hear other arguments on the topic with Asana. It is not more than a matter of time until the populist indigenism finishes with the freedoms and rights of citizenship. The totalitarian desire left Orthodox to have absolute control over the State apparatus and its subjects has not changed.

While rights differ clearly and autocritican denouncing extremists who came from their ranks, the lefts do the same. There is not a reflection by the Socialists to recognise the crimes of Stalin, Castro, Che Guevara, Pol Pot, Mao and many other assassins of reasons and lives. Fidel continues still the idol of politicians of the mood of Zapatero or intellectuals as Garcia Marquez. Che is today on the t-shirts of children as if were a rock star. Few disclose the charismatic genocidal, responsible for own hand in the death of more than 2,000 Cubans, was lifted at dawn for the trigger is participating in platoons of firing squad executions.

Bolivians made him a bust in the place of his death and his giant portrait is today exhibited in the Presidential Palace occupied by Evo. Kirchner approved the construction in the Argentina of a large monument in his honor. The province of Santa Fe will donate to Cuba a replica of his birthplace and the city of Rosario was declared: World Capital for the celebration for the 80 years of its birth. If Che Guevara would have kept alive, massacred on the island have reached ten times higher figures, and if his guerrillas had triumphed in Bolivia, South America would have already gone through a continental war, which is where points its revolutionary Venezuelan, barricading behind his exaggerated armament follower.