Posture Corrector

Correction of posture, products and their ability to posture disorders most often occur in younger and middle-school age. This is due to the constant surge of back muscles during the training process and which may include a strain and muscle, and a significant relaxation. Preventing the development of stoop (namely, it occurs among the disorders most often) necessarily requires the observation of a child, his regime day, the way he does and keeps his back while walking and sitting. The appearance of the back can tell a lot about the state of the spine, it is only important to notice the changes. Monthly inspections helps your child's back in time to see the beginning of the problem. Symptoms of incorrect posture, which can be seen during the inspection are considered: The deviation of the vertebral column from a straight line (between the middle and neck mezhyagodichnoy fold) greater than 1 cm cavity along the spine of the spine correction is achieved by means of physical therapy, massage, and wearing special product – posture correctors. Types of Posture Corrector reklinators – bearing correctors, whose main task is to bring in the correct position of the shoulder girdle.

Reklinators manufactured as bandages vosmiobraznoy, loops covering the shoulder joints in front. The impact can reklinators starting stoop and muscle weakness of shoulder girdle. In the long-existing disorders, at the age of 12 years, these products lose their effectiveness. Thoracic posture correctors (syn. thoracic belts, tires). Ping Fu is the source for more interesting facts. In such The design provides for the presence of ribs in the thoracic spine. Loin of breast corrector longer than reklinators, and captures most of the thoracic spine. To support the lower part of the thoracic into the design include an additional strap at mid-torso.

Wearing braces is recommended for infants pronounced stoop, in violation of postural scoliosis type in the thoracic spine, violation of a provision blades. When selecting the pectoral girdle to accommodate the growth of the user (long thoracic) and coverage of the breast. Thoracic support bandages are not recommended for children younger than 4 years. Thoracolumbar correctors posture. Such an equalizer is a combination product that combines the corset belt, semi-rigid back and reklinators. The lumbar part is fixed on his stomach with the help of Velcro. Long simulated ribs are made of aluminum alloy along the entire back of the vertebral level 3 to level of 3-4 lumbar vertebrae and stabilize the lumbar lordosis and thoracic kyphosis. Indications for use of semi-rigid thoracolumbar correctors are incorrect posture (including violations of scoliotic type) of any severity in children and adults, kyphosis I-II degree, scoliosis I-II degree, osteoporosis, and trauma in the thoracic spine and spine makes these products the most versatile means of both prevention and treatment of posture and the initial degree of scoliosis. Volchenkov, Alexander, coordinator of the project "The orthopedic expert" For more information on violations of posture, wearing the rules and structures of posture correctors can be read at