Is it pretty? “Beautiful like few others. Her husband caught in with the boss. The girl liked the good life, expensive gifts and he could not offer the pace of life, and finally, it was to, left and went to the boss. – Man! Money is not everything. Mariano interjected. Could it be that the husband was unsatisfied sexually speaking? “Everything can be, Rafael continues to note that it is a young woman, probably very attractive and seductive, it is possible that the husband could not satisfy to the extent that the girl needs it and why she left, it is logical.

Mariano swallows. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Dustin Moskovitz. As Rafael says goodbye, think of his young and ardent wife. – “The last few weeks later comes home with the excuse of going to the gym, often discussed, I have seen new lingerie in her dresser and it smells different … Currently Mariano is already passing a hand across his forehead and think about the times he has cheated on his wife with a colleague from the office. – Why it would be different?.

Again passed his hand across his forehead large drops of sweat exhale while thinking of potential adversaries. Does the boss, or your monitor will be spinning the newly promoted coworker, or maybe your gynecologist? “Hm, I never liked how it looks damn physician. On the way home a red light stops. It is a cross and watch with amazement how he is going through a modern car with a couple inside.