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With the passage of time the last few years, have been big changes in the educational sphere. Many things have changed for good and evil. It is true that recent times have existed large masses of student immigration in the area of university education. It is clear that those who had immigrated to have better education alone are those that has all the resources possible, but we do not all have the same possibilities. And one of the many questions that we can get would be: what happens to those who do not have the support and resources to towards their education to improved field? And another question would be: what happens to all those who emigrated with few resources, with the purpose of achieving their goals and be somebody in life? There are many questions we can ask ourselves, there are many different situations; We have foreign students with few resources or without resources, we have national students without resources. And finally we have both types of students, foreigners and nationals to they have to study under unjust and unbearable environments. A clear example is students who are professors who ask for money in exchange for notes or diplomas, among other famous cases, etc. In the case of many foreign students for example, there is one of the most famous cases: students who suffer discrimination.

In the case of all those who are students often happens that we are not satisfied with our education, by little encouraged teachers to teach that do not provide sufficient and necessary information. And many cases also include students without financial resources, willing to study and get ahead, struggling every day to pay a student career that can help them succeed in life. If we continue talking about education, we will give that there are innumerable cases and problems. Each one different from the other. Problems that we have not yet heard or lived it all go through different situations and many by the same situations.

Rest assured that there are many other students as each passing through the same situations, perhaps hoping to find a solution to the problems. This is why if you are a student and you’ve gone through any of these problems, or suffer from any other problem, whatever that is you we invite to share them here. Describe your problems, your experiences in College, wherever that you study, whether national or foreign. Tell us as your educational environment and the relationship with your professors. He says that problems exist in your education and how you think they can be changed or improved, we all want to hear your opinions! Discuss and share. All seek a better education!

High Spirit

"Surprise your friends with joy, commented the second, "I could not remove the sight of my intentions throughout all my days, I surpassed my own ideas, doing things they never imagined, learned to negotiate and decide advantageously saved money and having toured the nation where that wind take me, buying the best land along the mountains and fields of wheat and of all plant substances in fruits and harvest of those fruits I found the resources to build schools, to teach to teach and have met men to meet them that vision as the Spirit to bring to each one in his destiny, because I understood that that wheat was grown and handsome men, who cared and taught from an early age would arise as planted hills on which the Spirit of God Most High will produce wisdom, understanding and willingness to serve, becoming human in the divine revelation of Christ, the true bread from heaven. Moved undertook the task of hearing the third, who said: "I was never very clear that it was her vision, because seeing that mill so perfect and beautiful that no human hand I knew I could build and understanding that this was the work itself God left me more questions than certainties, as if that was an image of the church then I should be like a sheaf of wheat, but if that was a picture of the action to work the Spirit of God then I should be converted into bread … but I was filled with questions .. .


8 Tests should start with small and progress to big. 9. With the exception of unit and integration tests, a program not should be tested by the person or organization that developed it. 10. The tests should be carried out by a independent team. 2.2 Types of testing unit tests: unit test focuses on the module. Using the description of the detailed guide design, control roads important in order to discover errors within the scope of the module are tested. Unit testing makes extensive use of white box testing techniques.

(4) Integration testing: the objective is to take modules tested on unit testing and build a program structure that is in accordance with what dictates the design. There are two forms of integration: no incremental integration: combine all modules in advance and tested all the programme as a whole. Incremental integration: the program is built and tested in small segments. System testing: Verifies that each element fits properly and that the functionality and performance of the overall system has been reached. The test system consists of a series of different tests whose primary purpose is deeply exercise system based on computer.

Tests of regression: regression testing is a test strategy in which the tests that have been run previously become to perform on the new modified version, to ensure quality after adding new functionality. The purpose of these tests is to ensure that: the defects identified in the previous run of the test have been corrected. The changes have not introduced new defects or reintroduced earlier defects. Safety safety test tests tries to verify the protection mechanisms built into the system protected him from fact, improper access. Of course, the security of the system must be tested in its invulnerability against a frontal attack, but it must also be tested in its invulnerability to attacks by the flanks or rear.

Microsoft PowerPoint

Never use clear text on light backgrounds or vice versa, because this harms the ease of reading. Written thought we must write our own thoughts as if we were talking with a well-known person who is in front of us. Talk with your idioms without distorting a vocabulary that you don’t commonly use to that imaginary virtual character. Paragraphs neatly write each paragraph taking one connection to the next divided into sections each both and not make a section of paragraphs without any subtitle that divide. Spelling errors makes your content in a word processor that has spelling mistakes corrector because it would be very low level if you show a misspelled text.

Practical practice makes the master. You do not amilanes if not these conforming with your first content, probably improve over time and especially with the practice that you should never give up. Take information from internet search information on Google for keywords related to the product to promote and solutions. You will find articles where you can take the points most important and write them using your own words. You can possibly add something of your own experience or detect something important to get found in a single article. Print in PDF format.

We use a word processor for writing the book you can use the Microsoft Word then we can pass it to PDF with PDFCreator. Microsoft Word 2007 allows you to save your work from .doc to .pdf upload and download distribution in order to upload to the hosting and so customers can download them, we use a transfer program such as FileZilla or NicoFTP that can be downloaded free from internet. 2. Product in audio record reading the book recorded before a microphone reading the original book that we have created in text. It is very easy to create audio with camtasia studio in addition to creating videos we can generate mp3 files. This product is excellent and is convenient that you can buy it since life you’ll be creating audios and videos. 3 Product in video record video with slides make slides using Microsoft PowerPoint with the contents of the book and then recorded a video based on them. The recording of slides that we can even animate, we recorded them with the program camtasia studio at the same time that we can record our voice or add him then a music.

Hotels In Montenegro

Montenegro – a small but extraordinarily beautiful country on the southern coast of the Adriatic Sea. At its tiny territory it miraculously fit all that can please your eye variety. Stretching high into the sky mountain peaks, valleys, meadows, beaches and the sea. Hospitality Fund of Montenegro is very diverse, and fully delivers virtually any guests’ needs and capabilities of their budget. As in any tourist country in the world classification of hotels in Montenegro denotes the number of stars, from 1 * to 5 *****. At the same time, it is worth to note that Montenegro has only recently become a tourism power, and some hotels do not have time to gain international certification. In this case, their categories are marked A, B, C, or LUX. In addition to standard hotels, temporary housing in Montenegro are a lot of private hotels, guest houses, villas, apartments, private apartments, must be submitted to rent on the tourist season.

Contacting a travel agency, you can easily find shelter from almost any request. A distinctive feature of hotels in Montenegro is not the level of service and proposed service (Which is certainly good), but friendly and helpful staff, who surround their guests with care and attention. Given that the tourism business of Montenegro, just five years, we suggest that the choice of housing pay attention not to his “stardom”, and the staff, list of services, distance from the beach and, of course, your wallet. With that, the country’s hotels and restaurants include surcharge for service account value, still tipping at a rate of about 10% of the cost of services, or simply to round off the account. Hotels in Montenegro are scattered around the coast in small towns and villages – this is Budva, Sveti Stefan, Becici, Miloeer and many other resorts in Montenegro.

Interpersonal Relations

It makes me to this to remember Policarpo, bishop of Esmirna, city of Turkey (alive city where with my family since 1998). Diz the history that the Roman proconsul, Antonino Pius, and the civil authorities had tried to persuade it to abandon it its faith in its advanced age, in order to reach its freedom. It however, answered with authority: I have served Christ per 86 years and it never he made me nothing of badly. How I can blaspheme against my King saved who me? I am a believer point without return, and its loyalty the mission that it is trusted not allowed it to retrocede. Arrow for the indians in the side of the river died.

E this loyalty that distinguishes people from value. Pablo said: Inasmuch as, for me, the life is Christ, and dying is profit. (Fil. 1:21). I have flesh-color this I begin in my life? Or I have lost in philosophies and styles of lives that make tie me to have some success, but that they do not condizem with the type of loyalty waits that you of me? It thinks well; and not to make mine better that he goes to please the master but, yes, to make what the Master wants that I knife, so that It if pleases in mim.3. ALLEGIANCE IN the INTERPERSONAL RELATIONS People of value is those that feed the harmony with the others to reach the well biggest one.They place of side stingy differences and they prefer not to give to importance the offences, because they recognize that the enemy is around.

doegues, that to exempt the face, they not only abandon the friends at the moments most crucial, as well as corroborate for the destruction of them. I think that to this I begin it age more important of Jesus in the relation with its disciples. Joo 13:1 says that However, before the Party of Passover, knowing Jesus who was fond its hour to pass of this world for the Father, having loved its that they were in the world, loved them until the o end. inside of four walls. But and to be used in all place, all time, all the life. My desire and that, exactly in way our limitations human beings, Mr. help in them to live, of incarnate form, inside of these principles. that can learn that We are better when in them we surpass proper we, when we do not surpass the others. That it in abenoeLevy s. CastroObreiro supported for the Nas in Turkey. Levy s. CastroEditora Nas – Blog – Under New direction ->

Google Adwords

The greatest open secret that is known to generate wealth in the electronic commerceby Internet, it is that it is based on the Traffic. We know all it; to each it wants it site and to each it needs it site. The important point of the Web sites is that they are visited and seen. Many spectacular designs, money and hours of interminable work are used to develop a site and that is attractive tuna and. But that, without traffic, is just as zero.

With the traffic the potential clients arrive, which basically means sales and of which are obtained, as well, the gains. While many sites of Internet have collapsed in the past, many other smaller sites have generated very good money concentrating itself in a certain niche and some sub market niches. That is a reason for which a site of and-I deal must segment with extreme precision certain groups of people and to direct them to its site and its products. The precision when commercializing is essential so that you have the security of which all the traffic that goes to its site is made up of potential clients. How To use the Money To make Money It is a very well-known commercial majority that, if you want to make money, must invest money.

A good way to invest money to obtain a commercial gain is using it in advertising announcements. The publicity attracts the people, because through her they find out that there is tal o cual company, product or service in existence. With the correct type of publicity, you will be able to see a torrent of growth of traffic in his site. And with a high volume of traffic, even though only a small percentage of clients is the one that it is buying, still it is a good average of gain and is generating of income. Right now there is no another project of announcements that is worth so much the pain each cent that is reversed in him, as it is Google Adwords.

The Familiarity

Ahead of the premises displayed in the present article, we will investigate the intertextualidade, that if of the one by means of the relation between reading and interpretation, and will be observed the practical one of uniz them for a contextualizada and critical literal production, since breaking of good and forceful readings the reader it will be assumen of practical the excellent one of a full virtuous literal production of basement, in other authors obviously, which comungam of its ideas and opinions. For in such a way we will deal with here a significant relation enters the elements of the reading, the intertextualidade and the literal production, as essential elements and related for the formation of a critical reader, which is assumen of a reading, it notices its there varied intertextualidade and it carries through its proper production, being this fruit of the other readings and its empirical knowledge. PROCEDURES METODOLGICOS For the present article we will work with the bibliographical research, characterized by Ruiz, will have the magnifying of the theoretical generalizations, as well as we will structuralize thoughts of systems and models of the most varied theoreticians, is the first step to be given in all research, therefore leaving of this if it makes a survey of what already one said about the studied subject, that is, leaving of studies carried through previously on the subject is that if it can have one ample vision of the cited problem already, also verifies the importance of this for the society in development. Well, it is thought bibliographical research as: A exploratrio study, rank that has the purpose to provide to the familiarity of the reader with the study area in which is interested party, as well as its delimitation. This familiarity is essential so that the problem is formulated in clear way and needs. (GIL, 2002, P. 61) Where if it presents the importance of the choice of the searched subject, to point and to give sensible to the questionings of the research, being this, therefore understood as formal process of the scientific method, making possible answers through preset methods scientifically.

Informative Work

Main advantages: It constitutes modality of common training for the capacity of the employees of any institution. The training is not developed in an artificial situation. The motivation is bigger, for the approach of the real conditions of work. It folloies the occured changes in the technologies and the procedures of the work. 4) Caster: It is the remanejamento of the rank of work of the employee, aiming at to prepare it a new function and to get a global vision of the work to be carried through in one determined sector. One is about one of the forms most efficient of professional formation.

Main advantages: Economic viability, for if dealing with a type of training of low cost. Acquisition of a more global vision of the company. Possibility of being used for the learning of all the types of tasks, since simplest until the most complex ones. 5) Period of training: It is the execution of pertinent activities to the occupation professional, by means of the direct and carried through experience in the work environment? where the activities are developed that the trainee needs to acquire. The period of training can occur inside of the proper institution or in others, through accords between these institutions. Main advantages: economic qViabilidade, for if dealing with a type of training of low cost, when carried through in the same local of housing of the employee. qPossibilidade of being used for the learning of all the types of tasks? simple or complex.

6) Visit Technique: Are visits carried through to other sectors? inside of the proper company or in another one? with the main objective to observe the functioning of one directly determined work (or a new technology). Main advantages: Low cost; if it will be carried through in the same city. Creation of partnerships and possibility of future exchanges. 7) Informative meetings: They are carried through periodic? or sporadical? as the necessity, in order to bring up to date the employees (you command and them) on pertinent subjects to its areas.

Cultural Worker

At the beginning these enriched individuals had started to supply to the substance cousin to speed up and to extend the production of the craftsman, later the few started to concentrate these workers in some places, for end, completely separated them of the means of production (the means of production are the tools, the necessary utensils the production of merchandises). The Industrial revolution consolidated this process, therefore with the use of the machines and the cercamento of communal lands an enormous number of people had been without having with what and where to work, it has seen, that the machines and everything that was necessary to produce merchandises in competitive way were accessible only to the rich individuals To the workers who had been separate of the means of production alone remain to vender a merchandise – since he does not produce more nothing or the merchandise that can produce not it is more advantageous for lacks of capacity for concurring? This merchandise is its force of work, its muscles, its ability, its intelligence, in other words, all its capacity. In general lines, therefore, it is of this form that the work force or as well as is called the hand workmanship if it becomes merchandise. From this moment it remains the worker but to vender its merchandise in exchange for force of work for the owners of the industries wage. This wants to say that the worker who was separate of the means of production if approaches again to them through the same people had moved away that it, however, this new union occurs on a new logic, logic this that unifies by means of the wage the worker and the means of production, but, however, makes to remain separate of the worker the product of its work, that is, what the worker produced does not belong to it, the product of its work is of who paid o its wage, of who bought its merchandise work force. Of this form one configures a relation of purchase and sales of the work force, therefore the worker vende its only merchandise and the capitalist purchase this merchandise when paying the wage.

For backwards of this relation of equality we find objections. It will be that the wage is just exactly when the worker well is remunerated? It will be that the work force does not generate more value of what is paid in wage form? The reply of the first question it is not, that is, it just does not exist wage on this look, has seen, that the ability, intelligence, in short, all capacity of the worker is ece of fish in action does not stop benefiting proper itself, they outrem but it, therefore, the remuneration of its work is inferior to the value created, therefore its effort it leaves its wage and profit of the detainer of the means of production, the capitalist Already how much the second question the reply is yes, for the fact, of the merchandise work force not to be a simple merchandise, therefore in contrast of excessively merchandises when used it generates value and not only are worn out. When used it transforms objects, it creates and recria products while the too much merchandises if spoil.