It can be a very relevant question that organizations understand these three dimensions of the evaluations not to fall into cliches: application of the method a posteriori (with fait accompli) focusing on the past, not spend time or structure of the programme for the monitoring of progress of each performance, and overestimate the valuation of quantifiable objectives (indicators of productivity) to the detriment of an integral vision-valorizacion of a complex process of development of the officials in their positions. Recognize the subjectivity of all appreciation accept subjectivity as part of the assessment process, can be a first step to outline strategies to mitigate its adverse effects. Any appreciation on someone is, ultimately, more or less founded opinion of another person. Admit that the judgment of a single individual can vary depending on who is the judge, can help to question motivations undisclosed evaluator when assessing a subordinate or a partner and vice versa. We are subjects and our judgments will always be tied to our motivations and values. Include sources of information quality and not just quantity the evaluation 360 came to repair the problems arising from processes evaluatorios one-way, so typical of the school and academic fields, to include all individuals that interact with the evaluated in their work.

However always more is not better. Evaluator campus allocation should be considered as a key issue to ensure the quality of the process. The problems linked to a misallocation are reflected in greater proportion, in perceptions between hierarchical pairs of different areas; where many times there is a total ignorance of the evaluator envelope the person to evaluate. Include more than two or three subordinates to qualify to a higher (on a computer that does not exceed ten persons), on the other hand, can mean incurring costs outweigh the benefits of having such plurality of opinion.

Effective Website

To make an effective website you do not need several weeks to plan, develop, and publish your Web using the discussion forums and these 5 steps then I expose you the task will be much more simple: 1.Prepara your site environment: No matter how easy is your Web site, it is important to create a Master Plan for how your website is structured, i.e. that information your you want your visitors to see, keep a list of the categories that your going to include, and how will the navigation on your site. 2.Escriba content: after that you already know the structure of your pages writes the contents of each page, it is important to have in mind that the Internet user does not read the Web content as if you were reading a newspaper, so it uses clear titles, descriptive subtitle, and short paragraphs to make your website easier to read and understand. 3. WYSIWYG editors USA: many Hosting services offer easy to use, such as the well-known Web site building tools Editors WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get), these instruments allow simple templates, color schemes, and a well structured navigation that allows you to create stunning pages in minutes. Use your outline of web site, preset beforehand, to create each page.

Remember to include clear navigation links on each page of your site. 4.Publica your pages: once your you’ve created, he has seen with anticipation, and you’ve saved every page of your site, it’s time to publish your entire Web site. If you have been using the instruments of design of sites provided by your Internet service provider publish your site can be as easy as a click. Otherwise, you will have to use an FTP (file transfer protocol) program to transfer files from your computer to your site (Hosting). There are many (free) FTP programs available online. 5.Comprobar accessibility of your Web site: your Web site is in the network?, I tell you that that’s not all.

Before your des terminated, your You will need to verify that all the links work to ensure that all users can have access to your pages. Make sure your site works in a variety of browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, etc. And finally traverse your site as if you were a visitor, see if you like what you see and if it emerges some minor problem solve it. Finally the construction and maintenance of a Web site may seem intimidating to beginners, but using adequate instruments of design is easy for beginners to create attractive and effective websites. So if you follow these steps and access to discussion forums on Web design you will discover how to make a site in a few hours.

Family and Motivation

Your family is your best motivation in your life and in your negocio(en particular para tu negocio multinivel), is, or should be, one of the strongest because, in my opinion family is as a port where always returns a glass. This vessel can travel around the world, but always returns in its port, always. This is the subject of the article growth spiritual Tu Familia, El Oasis in the desert of life part two, published on 10 December 2010, on the website, so here we go! It is also true that there are people who live alone, without relatives nearby, and considered his friends as a family that you can choose, people divorced, widows, adopted, abandoned, no one in this world, it is true and it is very sad, it should not be so, there are people who do not support a few of their relatives, we don’t have to forget and ignore this reality. For a year I worked in a factory, and a companion has confessed to me that you have moved into this city and his parents died, and she has not had contact with their family, uncles, aunts, cousins, raw, his friends were now more fences of his heart than his own family, said to me something like this: if they were not interested in me, I’m not going to interest for them, with my friends in my opinion enough for me family has to be always together, respect your parents, love your wife, your children, every day to thank God for the blessing of having a wonderful, beautiful, United and indestructible family. Don’t forget, every day give a hug to your wife, your children, and tell them that you love them, that will increase your faith, your spirituality, and it is very good for your family also, don’t look for excuses that the life is very hard, you don’t have time, as these much more concerned to bring the food on the table for your family like to do these simple things and stupid. Your children need your approval, your words of support, appreciation, tell them very well, even though they have a very small achievement, say nice words, which are good, which are smart, that they they can do anything in life. Practical exercise: 1.

meditate for 10 minutes about the importance of your family in your life. 2. Today, gave every Member of your family that you want to. 3 Embraces each of your members of your family. For example, I’ve developed an exercise called collective hug, i.e.

for a few moments, we embrace us all, in this moment we feel that our family is indestructible, that idea I was inspired a movie, I don’t remember as it is called, a woman, artist, had 10 children, and a man, was captain in the Navy, had 8 children, and married, and now the family was of 18 children, there, women had this habit of collective embrace with her 10 children, some of them were adopted, and they had a pig as a pet. 4 Gives thanks to God every day, in the morning, nothing more than thou risest bed, for your family. At the end, leave me a comment on this article, I would like to know what you think, what are your problems. Thanks a lot.

Travel Tourism Study

Today’s world offers many options to develop some form of education, whatever tastes that are, for the needs of people extends to all kinds of fields of application by the creation of a cycle of need, and all development of professional who will need to use them, so people have no excuses when it comes to choosing any type of study because undoubtedly there will be any field of professional activity which conforms to expectations. Among one of several options available, that can be perfectly accommodate the tastes of any person, is the option of studying tourism, since this type of activity proved very rewarding for who can practice. Tourism is widely known by all people, or anyone at some point in their lives could go out and enjoy the conditions that occur in other places other than those which usually develops life, this is very nice because it meet other people, other customs, enjoyed another climate, so there may be thousands of aspects that make tourism is a very rewarding activity. What hardly known to most people is that this activity can be made as pleasant a way of understanding life from the point of view of tourism and then apply to study in the professional field, ie as a tour guide to show the points and major activities for which they are visiting and so make them get the most out of moments to relax and enjoy a vacation. To understand the advantages that exist for those who want to study tourism, the best option is to understand the concept of tourism and its various manifestations and thus be able to relate this to the application of knowledge to this activity. So the first thing you should keep in mind is to study tourism meant to provide information on how other people is the best way in which to distribute free time as a means of recreation in the conduct of the visit to a different place which perform the tasks and obligations of everyday life. The development of tourism activity study is to know the effective implementation of the different types of tourism that can be performed taking into account the conditions of the place in which to be put into practice the knowledge acquired when studying tourism. Given the above, to study tourism will be given to knowledge about the different types of tourism, including one of the most sought are those that relate to activities for relaxation and recreation, and excursions which are on the beach, visiting natural landscapes or performing some kind of sporting activity in particular, especially extreme sports, another of the tourism possibilities are cultural or social activities such as visiting museums, historic sites, go to places where they offer special meals. In order to study tourism offer many options for the application of knowledge to the place where the activity to be developed.

Japon San Fernando

1948 July Soichi Ikeda decided to install a farm of ducks and chickens in Surquillo. Teaches children all about the poultry business. 1958: After 10 years of raising poultry, the Ikeda decided to formalize their operations and create the company farm Los Huertos. 1964 Decide to concentrate on breeding only chickens, because they began to import improved breeds of this species, whose meat was of better quality. 1970: They become the first supplier of chickens in the wholesale markets of Lima. After awhile, the tradition of eating Turkey at Christmas became more popular and decide to start to breed this bird.

1977: Creates the factory mills may, that produced food for poultry 1980: think the San Fernando company, responsible for marketing of chickens and turkeys produced in Los Huertos.En farm this decade, they decided to offer franchise the brand San Fernando and so come to have 40 stores in Lima. But I stopped being profitable when it became fashionable large supermarkets. They do not decide to compete with these, are left with five stores and become suppliers of chickens and turkeys supermarkets. 1990: To exit a law of simplification, the Ikeda decided to merge all their businesses under the name San Fernando. Just manufactures Agropecuaria Chimu, as an independent company located in Trujillo.En this decade, started to raise chickens to sell eggs and installed a large sausage of pigs, turkeys and chickens in Chorrillos.

Escalade ESV Platinum

You are a mother or parent, you have children and they need a car capable of carrying them all, but clear, without forgetting the luxury and elegance that you both characterized? What you need is a truck that meets all your demands, you need the new Cadillac Escalade. To provide you with different options, the Cadillac Escalade is in different models, each with different characteristics to always offer just what you’re looking for: Escalade, Escalade EXT, Escalade ESV and Escalade ESV Platinum. In your Cadillac Escalade you can carry about 7 passengers, because it has been designed thinking of the families who like to travel by road or simply travelling in the city with all the comfort possible. Once more Cadillac proves to be always aware of us users, always offering us just what we need. Remember that Cadillac is always aware that our guests feel as comfortable as we are driving these cars. Besides the great sound system that always accompanies Cadillac, the new Cadillac Escalade has 2 dvd s so if you travel with your family and you don’t have to worry about the boredom because all will be super comfortable watching any movie.


A go-go and a traditional housewife will star the last Exchange of the season of family I change. It’s a program that has passed not free from controversy. See what today put on TV. Two absolutely antithetical women swapped for two weeks their homes, with the offspring included, in the latest installment of Me changing family. On the one hand it is Alicia, a mother who works in the world of the night as a dancer and organiser of feasts. The stay at home will not much with her, so chores shares them with her husband: a DJ. They have a daughter, Alicia, for 11 years.

A mother attacked by the other is Marisol, a woman who battle daily with four men in her home (her husband and their three children). Their stems describe her as a person attack of nerves that just screams, but at the same time it seems that they trust her to tell her their most intimate secrets. That Yes, help in household chores do not receive, or by mistake, none of the four. At the end, with so much testosterone, Marisol acknowledges that she has lost her femininity and only wears pants. The peace of the home will be truncated with the arrival of Alicia.

Disqualifications do not stop: the days that you left lloraras which have not undergone, tells one of the sons of Marisol. A controversial program one of most controversial program exchanges was a family of right-wing with another Cuban. The mother of the first openly acknowledged that not liked neither the Chinese nor the blacks, a few comments that were branded as racist by both viewers and the affected family: like it or not, will be with the cubanitos skinned. The program is broadcast four Friday.


We’re so accustomed to hearing that we must get a vision and set goals for our personal lives, our business, Enterprise, teamwork, even our hobby or sport. Today I want it challenging to consider goals in an area that is of the utmost importance, but there is always forgotten when planning and setting goals: his family project. Perhaps you will say: for what?, my family is well! Maybe you get already tired with the pure idea of having to develop one project. Total, in family life, road is made by walking! Do you really think that your family life is so perfect that you can not improve? And, at the end of his days, not are they those who will be by your side? You won’t want to know with certainty at the time you made the best thing was for each of them, beyond the material provision? Strangely, even in established households, the family project is an unknown term. Why it is so important to establish a vision for the family. Our lives can be so hectic, especially when we have young children at home.

Without realizing it, we can pass life busy running from one place to another. The problem is that, with so much hustle and bustle, we can lose the course and started to live day to day, turning fires as they happen, without a path clear. Time passes, the children grow up, his work still absorbing long, until one day he realizes that will leave home and never did all the things that had been proposed as a parent to do with them. A vision for the family can help you to set real goals, define what family you really want in life and uniting it to walk in a preset direction. The importance of a vision that then, is so important to have a vision? Many people live their lives according to what is presented, almost as if life were a lottery.

Prime Minister

U.S. chooses its Presidents with a model that is halfway which governs South and North of its borders. Latin America has been taking the French system in which the President should be elected with more than 50% of the votes, allowing that there are two turns and that a plurality of parties that express to bases and different social projects they can compete in the first. Canada has the same model of Great Britain in which no President but a head of State for life and legacy (Queen Elizabeth II), and where the head of Government is a Prime Minister elected by a single-member Parliament. As there is no proportional representation the winner tends to stay with everything (the British Labour holds 55% of the Parliament despite the fact that it took only 35% of the votes). U.S.

shares with the first model being a presidential Republic but lacks two turns. USA is not a constitutional monarchy but his agent is not elected directly, and the candidate who wins a State gets all electors of this (which may be cases like the) Bush who came to the White House despite having lost on votes). With that system USA has managed to be the only major country that has managed to avoid m ACE of two parties. Original author and source of the article.

Security Systems

When Internet visitors will find many home security systems. They give you an idea of the products that are offered and also some vital information that you need to know about it. This makes it easier for those who are interested in buying any product of this type. When surfing on the Internet, there are several issues that you should analyze. You should try to analyze different security systems, problems can be expected of such devices, that advantage has one over the others and so on.

This will not only help you buy better, if not that you make sure to get the best for your money. Given that other people have used these devices before you, the best way to obtain information is reading comments from these people about the device. These comments are also useful when you want to check if the prices of different brands of home security systems. Find out the ideal device and help you decide which is the more suitable, will help you to save much money. Expenses that other serious ways used in the repairs to products of inferior quality that can be tricked into buying, are completely non-existent. Therefore, having this information will always be of great value. Having this information, you can use it as a guide that will help you get an idea of what these buying everytime you visit a store of this type. However, if you have any questions, several employees of these stores are trained in this field and with his experience, to help you get the product you are looking for. Original author and source of the article.