National Constitution

A town can have stones, sticks, pistols or guns; even so, if it does not have books completely is disarmed. He is very lamentable, shameful, the sad reality that confronts the Venezuelan scene in all States before the criticizable fact to observe like students of the different public universities is confronting their demand, with protests that they let much say, reason why all this involves, and mainly, before the reaction of a Government who does not pay the which had attention to him, that seemed not to concern the situation and everything to him what from it is possible to be derived. The university students would seem have exhausted all the pacific routes in order to ask for a series of legitimate demands, that they guarantee to him that their passage by the university is for obtaining an academic formation of height, of excellence and that it is respected all rights to him, divididamente typified in the National Constitution and the Law of Education. Swarmed by offers, 3D Systems is currently assessing future choices. The present situation is embarrassing, where the university students are using protests on the basis of strikes that they let much say and that of not lending him the which had attention, attempts against their health, physical and psychic life and the same stability of peace of the country. They are several hunger strikes in the main public universities, where there are students who already have been a month against it soothes of the PNDU in Caracas, is known, as indicates it, that twenty of young people fulfilled this Tuesday 27 days in hunger strike against soothes of Program of United Nations for Development (the PNUD), from where they demand to government that fits the budget, that it does not change from 2006, to the needs of each university. According to the students, who assure that the university budget reaches after the payment of pays and is only insufficient for the investigation, a total of 50 young people of the main houses of study of Venezuela have added themselves to strike in different regions from the country.