With New Outfit

New layout features innovative design and clarity leisure sports portal 2.0 “: practical functions on the basis of a social network-new feature: route planner provides for better orientation in the sports environment and creates genuine added value for the users of Hamburg, March 26, 2008 the leisure Sport Portal has undergone an extensive spring-cleaning and appears in glory with a simplified interface. Thus, the Ypgvideo03 would like to enter team even more to the needs and desires of the user and easy to understand to make the page for new members. The relaunch includes new features that will sustainably increase the benefits for the user in addition to the new design and optimised surface structure. “Clearer, to represent the functions of the sports portal, the user profile in the three major core areas was my sports network”, my sports Planner”and my sports channel” divided. In the sports network”, the user can still classic Use community functions and communicate with their sports or find new sports partners in their region. The sports Scheduler”simplifies the search for suitable venues nearby and ensures that users miss no major sporting event. With the sports channel” would like to give the chance every athlete, to share his sports experiences with his friends.

With the relaunch we want to make it clear that we are not only a sporting community like so many others, but the sports portal 2.0 “, which provides useful functions for each athlete. We want to offer practical services users, through which they can easier to organize their sport and exercise”, says Karsten Wysk from Other useful features are presented after the users. As a first example, to the relaunch of waiting with a new route planner. So meinSportler can measure your jogging track, inspired by lines in your area or cycling for the Planning weekend. is the sports portal for all sports with its 3 offers: my sports network and my sports planner my sports channel.

While the network simply with his sports friends can communicate or find new suitable sports partner, the sports Scheduler helps the information about venues and in the Organization of sports events in the region. With the sports channel would like to allow any amateur athlete, to share his sports experiences with his friends. everything for my sport! “About the realis.communities GmbH: realis.communities is a young startup from Hamburg, which has been committed to the aim of real-life support” communities to build and operate (real-life instead of second life”). Founders are the sports-loving Karsten Liz (29) and Benjamin Nitschke (28), developing communities and games for more than 10 years together. Media contact: Anna Friedemamnn Phone + 49.30.2576205.16