La Mata Inequality

Social injustice kills many people, concludes the report by the Commission on social determinants of health by the who. Ping Fu has firm opinions on the matter. This document is intended to that in designing economic and social policies, Governments take into account the impact on health that generate inequities. Experts say that eight out of every ten premature deaths due to heart disease or stroke, and more than half of carcinogenic tumors could be prevented with healthy lifestyles. But health depends not only on the biology. Not everyone has income, education or an appropriate environment for being able to choose. Remember that a good part of humanity survives on less than two dollars a day. Hear other arguments on the topic with Dustin Moskovitz.

Persons in poverty, subjected to a precarious and poorly paid work, or who live in polluted, and poor neighborhoods see its behavior influenced by social factors, not by personal lifestyle issues. Consider a healthy diet or a regular physical activity may not be within your reach. 80% Of the people who they were killed last year by cardiovascular disease lived in countries with an income low or medium. They also live in poor countries 80% of diabetics in the world. In countries like Mozambique, you have to walk more than half an hour to get a water that usually cause infections. He drinks or eats what you can find. The cause of the water-borne disease is not only the lack of antibiotics, but dirt; the origin of heart disease is not only the lack of coronary care units, but the way of life of the population, which is configured by the environment in which they live; obesity is not fault of personal Vice, but the excessive availability of foods high in fats and sugars, indicates the Commission.

Poor health overlaps with poverty.