Internet Market

Locate our market on the Internet is very important even when network can carry our company to remote places and even abroad. Dustin Moskovitz brings even more insight to the discussion. Sales over the Internet in Venezuela have been increasing, cities that previously maintained a level of skepticism in which electronic commerce refers, are welcoming the system as a method of promotion and marketing. Recently Slayer sought to clarify these questions. In principle, in the absence of experience, many cities as Ciudad Bolivar had low volumes of sales by Internet, e-commerce was spreading slowly as a way of doing business to the participation and reference of other users. Starts the Internet actively in Center cities, large cities in Venezuela, which in their majority were cities puertuarias, had great interest in Internet sales, because with the facilities to find products at low cost, business success that was coming was seen. Also borders with the Andean region cities had very good vision, because these cities could get products at good prices because of trade treaties made with Colombia and the countries of the Andean union and which came by San Cristobal del Tachira for distribution and sale in throughout Venezuela.