Idealism And Materialism

Of equipment in general the material is a study to be conducted by a variety of thinkers. the question is to what extent this theory is fertile? or “a case is infertile materialist theory? what two things can be answered. 1: partly because it is fertile imagination of science fiction, since it is developed on the “praxis” as the latter is the one that finally generates changes in social and human esctructuras. 2: is somewhat infertile because we have centuries of resistance and power but always remained in the hands of a few. this is a historical issue. what we refute: that it is difficult to rely on history as it has been and can make up to the whim of historians. we can simply rely on our behalf: that history is not just a belief. There being no further items and to avoid creating a time machine and return to other periods, we believe there is any element called history.

“A case is a postulate? in any way. we must start somewhere and this is 1: we believe there some element called history. Speaking candidly Ping Fu told us the story. in good time to bring a sentence to memory the thinker “NICHOLAS BUENAVENTURA” “freemen and slave, patrician and plebeian, lord and serf, master and journeyman, in a word oppressor and oppressed always face, kept a constant struggle, now hidden times and now open. struggle that always end with the revolutionary transformation of society or the sinking of the contending classes “There is the fundamental concept which to build. in our history by exploiting the labor of others are becoming established and consolidated in a social system, with the arrival of Spanish conquistadors in the sixteenth century, almost five centuries ago. all workers since the Indians first, then the black slaves and later mestizo peasants and craftsmen, gave battle armed and unarmed without story, in all corners of the country and in every way possible, against the exploiters Spanish or their heirs, wealthy creoles. Taken from the book “historical materialism” in my opinion this process was much more dynamic.

much more collective. our men were not so domestic. order in some cases was much more common. today our citizens have social goals that seem common, but in reality are totally different. in this century the spirit of death causes more fear. paying a lease, having a television, a stove, a living room, bed, and a certain amount of things taken for credit. ensure the domestication of the individual. Not only that delivery resigned to the exploitation of their labor and their children. other dogs seem emfermos, on the street haranguing a revolution stifled and dull. sooner or later such people are facing death, as these undermine the powerful speeches. when I go down the street and I see some expensive car, I estimate its value, and I say to myself, who has more value this vehicle or any poor person. this economic level. the answer is: the vehicle or auto-mobile. the car market represents synonymous with many things. of comfort, wealth, of means of production, a different condition, the interest of many people, unlike the poor Etc. going to walk with a resume begging for a job. to represent it this man synonymous with poverty, need, blood and proletarian family, lack of means of production, a being dispossessed and left in time and away from the new concept of success that a trained human being. the most viable way left to us is the way of our own choosing. not defend any position. neither materialistic nor ideal. since both are dispossessed ……………………..