HR Management

One of my aunts was noted for his skill in the management of human resources. I came to this conclusion when three families lived in a House that had enough room for everyone. We were 15 people: 6 adults and 9 children (cousins and brothers among themselves). 6 Adults were three sisters with their husbands. Matilde had a fascinating leadership capacity. I knew slide with great elegance by organizing the satisfaction of everyone else and everyone else were pending it because what we ordered was very pleasant. This is a very rare gift of nature to find and we cannot expect that people who ordered our lives (leaders, directors, inspectors, chiefs) have it. Throughout life we maybe find one or two people which pleased to obey because what we ordered is incredibly aligned with our desire.

Even more: the communication technologies have achieved almost all we possess the power conferred to be informed, participate, making decisions (although most not be voting by telephone). For this reason, it is more difficult to find people that is pleasant to obey because everyone can admire least a power that already quite familiar. This is a cause that no fewer leaders who until a couple of decades ago.