Holiday In Croatia – Primosten

Holiday information offers excellent conditions for the town of Primosten in Croatia (Dalmatia) the province of Dalmatia in Croatia, with a picturesque craggy coastal landscape and its numerous islands for a relaxing and at the same time eventful holiday on the Adriatic coast. Especially a holiday in the central Dalmatian town of Primosten has its own special charm. About 30 km south of Sibenik and 60 kilometres north of split, Primosten was a tranquil fishing village from the tourist development. Primosten is located on the peninsula of Raduca, which is entwined by the blue Adriatic Sea. Originally the peninsula only by a wooden bridge to the Mainland was connected and therefore is a independent island.

Later built a dam but instead of bridge, so that Raduca was fused with the Mainland from now on. Raduca was populated since the 7th century. Of which bear witness to the archaeological excavations at the site Kunara. The first settlers were the Hylli which included the Indo-European root of the Illyrians. The idyllic town Primosten has retained the charm of a medieval fishing village.

The tourists find the characteristic winding lanes of a typical Mediterranean coastal town. Invite the numerous Cafes, restaurants and souvenir shops to stroll in the old Primosten. The menus of the guest houses offer a well-stocked, including abundant fish in all possible variations in Primosten there are fish markets, bakeries and shops, where the typical Dalmatian filigree jewelry is sold. Furthermore, a varied programme of performances expected leisure. So, for example during a holiday in Primosten, visit a folklore – or klapa evening is mandatory. Klapa evening original Dalmatian songs will be performed by an A cappella group. A special eye and ear candy is also the Primostenske held on the first weekend of August uzance “-Festival, in which the inhabitants of Primosten revived the ancient traditions of their great-grandfathers and great-grandmothers leave.” The beginnings of tourism in Primosten can be dated back to the year 1956. At that time, the first accommodation to foreign guests were rented after the peninsula surrounded by the crystal clear sea became the intercontinental Mall since the mid-20th century and was visited by people from all over the world. Most of the hotels and bed and breakfast located slightly to the North of the old town centre and near the beach. On the outskirts of the town extend sunlit vineyards across the rugged landscape, where the popular b wine grapes thrive. The hinterland is characterized by dense pine forests and tranquil olive groves. The peninsula Raduca is very rich in small coves. Furthermore, Raduca is surrounded by seven smaller islands. A popular destination is the Marina Kremik, about two kilometers away included a Primosten by Bay, which extends far into the Interior of the country and is used as a natural harbour. From there, various voyages to be undertaken. Other points of interest, which reached from Primosten in the shortest time can be, is approximately 25 kilometres located city of Sibenik, which is interesting historic sights and monuments, as well as about 60 kilometres from the Diocletian Palace in split. Nature lovers are can enjoy, however, the two national parks Kornati and Krka, which can be reached after about 30 kilometers. There is also a diving centre as well as the possibility to canoe and boating in the Primosten.