High Spirit

"Surprise your friends with joy, commented the second, "I could not remove the sight of my intentions throughout all my days, I surpassed my own ideas, doing things they never imagined, learned to negotiate and decide advantageously saved money and having toured the nation where that wind take me, buying the best land along the mountains and fields of wheat and of all plant substances in fruits and harvest of those fruits I found the resources to build schools, to teach to teach and have met men to meet them that vision as the Spirit to bring to each one in his destiny, because I understood that that wheat was grown and handsome men, who cared and taught from an early age would arise as planted hills on which the Spirit of God Most High will produce wisdom, understanding and willingness to serve, becoming human in the divine revelation of Christ, the true bread from heaven. Moved undertook the task of hearing the third, who said: "I was never very clear that it was her vision, because seeing that mill so perfect and beautiful that no human hand I knew I could build and understanding that this was the work itself God left me more questions than certainties, as if that was an image of the church then I should be like a sheaf of wheat, but if that was a picture of the action to work the Spirit of God then I should be converted into bread … but I was filled with questions .. .