Green Fleets In The Course

Volkswagen leasing and NABU award environment the green fleet for eco-friendly fleet management Berlin/Braunschweig, September 11, 2012. The Volkswagen Leasing GmbH and the nature protection Association Germany (NABU) connect to their cooperation in the environmental and climate protection this year. In the framework of the third environmental awards the green fleet the results of last year increased yet. To broaden your perception, visit Slayer. The 94 participants saving fuel about 1,785 tons of CO2 and 680,000 liters with about 12,000 vehicles. In Berlin, Lars Henner Santelmann, spokesman of the Management Board of Volkswagen Leasing GmbH, and Leif Miller, NABU – business leader, in the presence of the SPD party leader Sigmar Gabriel gave the prizes to the winners. The environmental award shows the green fleet: eco-friendly fleet management more, but broad consensus is already not a marginal issue. With the joint cooperation in the environmental programme the Volkswagen Leasing GmbH and NABU have made socially acceptable environmentally friendly fleet of vehicles.

With success: The stock of is environmentally friendly vehicles Volkswagen Leasing GmbH now at around 170,000 vehicles. In addition, the average CO2 emissions for all new vehicle deliveries to large customers of Volkswagen fell leasing within the last three years to 11 percent stronger than in the overall market during the same period. Through our shared commitment we have achieved a lot in the past few years”, emphasises Lars Henner Santelmann, spokesman of the Management Board of Volkswagen Leasing GmbH, the small spark jumped over to the industry as a whole. Thus the pilot in the series is gone.” In focus: eco-friendly vehicle fleets and moorland protection that the Volkswagen Leasing GmbH not only awards but also is itself responsible and together with NABU active climate and nature protection operates, is reflected in the joint environmental programme. In the framework of which, both partners committed to environmentally friendly fleet management and the protection of German moorlands.