Ghent, The City Of Three Towers

Halfway between Brussels and Bruges, near the border with Holland, is the beautiful Ghent, a city full of history that in the sixteenth century, after Paris, the largest city in Europe north of the Alps. Things that differentiate from other Belgian cities, Ghent is its numerous canals crossed by sixty bridges, the grandiose monuments, vast castles and buildings, which are seen virtually all architectural styles. They are like small cities within the large, surrounded by walls, with its streets, its little square and its cloisters, church, chapels, their houses inhabited by Beguine and convents, where they live together twenty or thirty of these religious dressed in the picturesque costume of the Middle Ages and who had not taken vows, are subject to certain rules of devotion. Without doubt, the first and most fascinating in our visit to Ghent was the bridge of San Miguel, where we observed the most important monuments of the city. Looking ahead, get a view of the three famous towers in Ghent, one of the sides of one of the most beautiful places in the city: with its union buildings with imposing facades and across the Church of San Miguel and the former Dominican monastery. By having the status of campus, students flock to this area of the city for a few drinks outdoors. Currently, Ghent you can feel proud to be the Flemish city with the largest number of historic buildings, combined with an intense cultural life and a privileged location, about 50 km from Bruges and Brussels.