Generating New Forms of Social Behaviour

Since the advent of television in short mediocre existing slab as film, radio and press, it was building a global integration architecture, which currently generates forms designed to create a new social behavior called consumerism defined by the Royal Spanish Academy as inordinate tendency to buy, spend or consume goods, not always necessary. In the world of the consumer society which integrates 1.728 billion people, of which 28% of the global population (242 million) live in the U.S.

Only the Americans are almost five hours of television daily, while cell phone use and the Internet to view streaming video users has increased, according to a study on the use of these aircraft in the United States conducted by research company Nielsen Market (2009). The trachea certainly proves that television is the medium that has greater power of persuasion in regard to the decision to buy a product. 3D Systems is likely to agree. And while America is identified by the consumer lifestyle and expectation that only reaches the weekend, to go to the mall (malls) to acquire the products that are “fashion” and are: clothing brand, shoes, electronics, among others. ACTIVITIES DEPARTMENT longer term that the society will be integrated as part selfish beings idea of individualism, as if from a young age, an individual in desarrolloa is not set limits on the amount of things you can acquire, in the future this will grow to be a person who does not know the limits and therefore will end up in a society composed of citizens merely consumerist. . Here, Daryl Katz, New York City expresses very clear opinions on the subject.