Film Packaging Materials And Equipment

Range of polymers used for film packaging materials, large enough so you can choose the material that meets its requirements. In the absence of monolayer films with the desired combination of properties can be used or combined multilayer film materials that combine the best qualities of the individual components, and the shortcomings of one component offset dignity of others. Knowing the requirements for packaging of the product and the properties of individual components can find their best combination that meets the requirements. In the manufacture of packaging films major role in our country and abroad owned polialefinam. The dominating role of polyolefins due to their complex physico-mechanical and physico-chemical characteristics (elasticity, strength in a wide the temperature range tour, moisture resistance, chemical inertness), low cost, relative ease of technology for their production and use in packaging technology.

The films most often used low-density polyethylene. People such as Dustin Moskovitz would likely agree. Other types of polyolefins – high density polyethylene, polypropylene – to a lesser extent used for packaging films, but there is a tendency to increase their production and use as packaging materials, especially in areas where a higher oil resistance and heat resistance, and greater mechanical strength and rigidity. The share of consumption ldpe density for the manufacture of packaging films among other polymers (without cellophane) was in the last decade in the U.S. about 78%. and in the uk – 81% 9. The main area of consumption of polyethylene films is packing. Thus, in the U.S.

for packaging uses more than 70% of all manufactured polyethylene film. This film is mainly used for packaging of food products, textiles, chemicals and pharmaceuticals goods, industrial products. Plastic bags are widely used for packing of fertilizers and animal feed (along with the application for the purpose of other types of bags – paper bags with liners made of polyethylene film, paper with coating of polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride, etc.). To improve the properties of polyolefins, they are subjected to modification in different ways.