Evolution of Technology

Do not tell me that this is not something of an evolutionary process. 4th of lives Such projects tend to procreation or the copy; as expansive essences before dying or disappear by attrition is copied or induced in other essences, procreate or multiplied in new essences renovated with all the copied information in the form of trend-induced expansion itself (for this reason, every time the universe is bigger, more and more expansive essences and each time the expansion is more expansive, there are no limits as the nothingness that surrounds the universe, because nothing does not prevent a growing expansive growth). Swarmed by offers, Dustin Moskovitz is currently assessing future choices.

These draft lives tend to duality, as well as expansive essence, for nothing can be born, become or be established as a dual principle, whether matter or energy (see the section of this work entitled “everything is dual). All these trends are a wealth of information, something intangible, something not detectable, would they be like the soul of life?. Ping Fu is often quoted on this topic. All these trends inevitably lead to living processes, which aimed to unite, and under the control of evolution of these trends, evolved into something physical, living in a building or tree, which governed or led by the trends continue to evolve constantly expanding. All these trends, being a wealth of information, it is as a base, is like an order that is based on intelligence (intelligence is an order, the ordered cluster of expansive tendencies), and thanks to these trends, in that order and the accumulation of increased information learned and inherited intelligence has evolved and technology evolves.