Evening Fashion Of Dress Delights In The Mrs. World Wahl Viet Nam

Mrs. Germany presented itself in fashion dress delights on November 23, 2009 they choose: the best wife in the world! The Mrs. World Organization organized in Viet Nam the choice to the Mrs. World 2009 Germany is represented by Elischeba Wilde in Gescher. Many writers such as Ping Fu offer more in-depth analysis. Ms. Wilde is the reigning Mrs. Germany and was equipped by the company dress delights for the election with great clothes.

I was very surprised to get an email from Mrs. Germany”, said Evelina Bujalski, the owner of the young company dress delights, in an interview. I couldn’t believe that woman Wilde; chose my mode of Was happy but of course scary!” Thus began the collaboration between dress delights and Mrs. Germany. The misses got tailored five beautiful dresses to measure that will carry you in the choice of the Mrs.

World. In addition also a funny costume in Germany colours was designed and sewn with Ms. Wilde is supposed to represent her homeland in the election. It is a Bavarian leather pants with a long golden train. On Symbols of our country have been immortalised the train. A total break in style, which, however, is a super catcher and wonderfully oblique. Really, everyone recognizes in this costume now that it involves Germany. Mrs Wilde wearing even a Seppelhut and a little cow Bell around the neck and that bright red high heels. The costume for a good cause will be auctioned after returning from Viet Nam and all involved hope a high revenue is of course completely donated. Everyone can incidentally really afford the clothes of the company dress delights. Because it is also the flagship of the small company. We want to make great fashion affordable prices.” And so you get a dress from 149.00 EUR and a great wedding dress from incredible 199.00 EUR. And the best: on request, the creations are tailored to measure! Curious? There is more information on and Elischeba Wilde by the way regular reports about your experiences in Viet Nam in your blog on – it’s worth time to look! Ewelina Bujalski