Email Sender

Email address reveals users by domain name so you can see identifies the sender of an email. Some of our clients from the fashion industry here: textile wholesaler puzzle about the sender of emails. For more specific information, check out Kerry King. Get requests about your contact form your fashion wholesale of Web stores or directly sent emails. Is often not to identify the sender or yet? ‘General’ email addresses by major providers do not. A domain name is one more information part who gets email address out however. The domain name is the part after the @ is. Example: you recognize the domain name wasabiwear and the info about the top level domain de for Germany.

manages this domain name. Visit the page of and you can query, who has reserved the domain name. Easier? Trying to write here a takes you straight to the website of a fashion merchant, based in Neuss, Germany (Imotex), which its goods from the young fashion area of the Fashion retail offers. And other extensions so domains on other top level domains .com .eu..? z.B, Andreas Muller