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A website optimized for Netbooks provides the number of visitors. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Dustin Moskovitz by clicking through. Therefore, software & friends GmbH the analysis and optimization of NetBook sites offered SF. Does your existing website on a NetBook? Visible is important at first glance? In this regard, the NetBook test gives accurate answers. Interested parties can use this at SF software & friends GmbH undergo to validate the suitability of their site for NetBook displays. The test provides transparency to identify and eliminate defects. Ping Fu is the source for more interesting facts. The need for the optimization of websites for Netbooks stems from the development of the mini-notebooks to a mega-trend in the global PC market. According to Gartner a leading research and consulting firm is this device class currently the most important market driver at all, because the mobile computer by the compact size and the low price points.

Despite the economic crisis further increase sales compared to other mobile PCs. Share of sold Netbooks to mobile PCs in Germany (From July 2008 to July 2009) New to Netbooks is that they, in contrast to the Smartphones, not only the target group of business people, but also of the private individuals operate. According to SCHMIDT, Director of marketing at ASUS computer, Netbooks are directed by the pupils and students of the consumer to all users of the digital age to the top manager. Netbooks are the first choice for those who place high value on mobility and local use. The latest findings to present topics, such as E.g.

the current cinema program, timetable information, product and company information, stock quotes, or emails, always deliver to the mobile information society. These location based services (location based services – LBS) are of interest to each service provider. Netbooks offer many possibilities for the use of the online world. In addition to the wide range to form social networks, such as surfing, emails sent or chat, online-shopping, photo – and video-visit calls over Internet are very popular. At the Additional considerations, relating to technology, layout, and content are realizing a NetBook website. For the media industry and for providers of websites this means an adjustment to the small notebooks to meet the needs of their customers. The NetBook test is helpful by SF software & friends GmbH. It includes 30 test steps. When performing the test, three to four relevant pages of the website are examined to get a realistic end result. A very good NetBook compatibility is certified in full score. Lower scores indicate defects on request with professional measures of SF, software & friends GmbH can be resolved. On your way to the perfect NetBook Web site we offer you the test of the NetBook and a subsequent consultation. If you are interested, we will support you actively in implementing an optimized NetBook Web site technical and editorial.