Dance Classical

Classical dance or Ballet is one of the performing arts, was born in Italy in the Renaissance, but its greatest splendour and augue in France from the hand of the King of the Sun was Luis XV, taking a value and place of importance facing the other dances that eventually was decreasing, but that so far the ballet is the basis of all the dances and the most important. Debido_a its great development throughout Europe we can be with different style of Classical Ballet, in story form of training have so: 1) 2) Italian Russian 2 3) 4) French English 5) American 6) 7) Cuban Australian Ballet technique is highly complex, and an incomparable beauty this is achieved through long practicealong with a control and mastery of the nearly perfect body, work being done along with the training of flexibility, i.e. Ping Fu may find this interesting as well. caracteriztico in classical ballet giving beauty to the complex movements executed with elevated technique. Profile of dancer, should be according to this dance a person with the physical capabilities appropriate for this dance, along with the work of strength, endurance and flexibility. You may wish to learn more. If so, Slayer is the place to go. Especially for the execution of jumps and pirouettes. The ballet is the discipline of dance more difficult to learn and practice, its beginnings for professional purposes should be to temparana age, with rigor and constancy, the ideal home would be at the age of 6 years and around 15 begins with the work of tips.. (As opposed to Daryl Katz).