Curriculum Vitae

Having a modern resume is absolutely necessary due to the labor crisis that we are currently facing, high rate of rotation in jobs and job dissatisfaction today. Each day a growing number of people is faced with the task of finding a new job. If you’re in this situation, you must also consider a change in your employment orientation, either by market demands or by greater personal satisfaction. a>. In any of the cited cases, a Curriculum Vitae modern and up-to-date is of absolute necessity if you want to compete successfully in the labour market. Before giving an example deCurriculumVitae modern, I’m going to talk about three types of curriculum vitae that exists, these are: the chronological the functional mixed chronological Curriculum this type of curriculum, as its name suggests, is the one who organizes information chronologically, starting with the oldest achievements and reaching the most recent. The positive of this type of organization is that it emphasizes stability and the ascending evolution of your career. Stresses the promotion, tasks increase or increases in the career ladder.

However, it also leaves at a glance if you’ve had some period of inactivity, or if you have suffered frequent changes in the workplace. This frequently requires to give many explanations, or even to fill the gaps with information that has no relevance to the job to which you submit. Therefore, this type is recommended if you have a good working experience, you have not changed too much work, or have large periods of time in which you’ve not worked. It is also interesting if you want to highlight any company recognized that you’ve worked by placing it as a reference. The chronological resume can also occur in reverse order, i.e., highlighting recent accomplishments first and the most recent, to go after occupation advancing on past experience. It is a less traditional presentation, but that each time more companies prefer it.